Steve Thomas
Attorney at Law

I, Steve Thomas, am running as a candidate for Piatt County Resident Circuit Judge as a member of the newly created Piatt County Independent Party. I am seeking to be on the ballot of Piatt County voters for the November 3, 2020 General Election.

Political independence is an indicator of impartiality, a key attribute for a judge.

I am a traditional conservative. That means I have no set ideology, I am respectful of the past yet dutiful to the future, and I believe prudence is the primary virtue in decision-making.

Most of the judges before whom I’ve practiced have been fair and knowledgeable. However, I’ve also seen outright bias, inexcusable delays, disrespect to attorneys and parties, failure to explain decisions adequately, even lack of preparation, all to the detriment of justice. These things will not happen in my courtroom.

Many judges reach the bench by appointment, and this often perpetuates some of these problems. The bench should not be a family business or controlled by the privileged. Elections give YOU the chance to keep the bench fresh and accountable to the people and to the law.
But you have a responsibility to be informed.

My independence and diverse background set me apart from the others.

My education:

·       Bachelor of Science degree in aviation

·       Master of Divinity degree from Trinity seminary in Deerfield

·       A full year of graduate study in philosophy at Southern Illinois University

·       Juris Doctor degree (law) from the University of Illinois College of Law (cum laude – with honors)

My work experience:

·       Construction laborer

·       Aircraft mechanic, commercial pilot, flight instructor

·       Minister and counselor

·       Writer and technical instructor

·       Newspaper reporter and editor

·       Lawyer for over 20 years

My legal experience includes:

·       Family law

·       Civil litigation (prosecution, defense, and appeals)

·       Criminal defense

·       Probate and estates

·       Domestic violence

·       Bankruptcy

I urge voters to learn the facts about the judicial candidates. Please read my booklet "Justice in Piatt County 2000-2020" on this website. The booklet is about the most important quality a judge can have: Good Judgment. An election for judge should not be about popularity or wealth. 

Please consider me to serve as Piatt County’s Resident Circuit Judge and vote in the November 2020 election.

Feel free to email me at with questions or offers to help. I will be collecting petition signatures starting March 24, 2020.